Supply and System Installations

The design, engineering and installation of fuel facilities is an area of operation that Petrolink Engineering has forged a reputation of excellence.

Engineers and technicians are qualified to undertake site investigations, site scoping and evaluations to provide input and recommendations for any new installation, retrofit or renovation. The company’s engineers are involved in all site installations at the design phase to ensure the system will be functional from day one and comply with all relevant Standards.

Engineering & Design

Petrolink specialise in the design of fuel and various liquid storage systems as per relevant Standards. The design will include a range of calculations for fluid flow, pump and pipeline sizing as well as recommendations for tank capacities, structural integrities, materials and additional facilities such as walkways, platforms, access ladders and handrails should the installation be above ground.

Where required, flow and level controls are incorporated into the design such as automatic valves and a SCADA system. This is designed and managed by a Petrolink Mechatronics Engineer.

Estimate of costs to client

The process of cost estimation and budgetary considerations are undertaken by Petrolink’s engineers, procurement officer and technical teams. Accurate estimation of costs are based on information provided by client, site visits, internal technicians, engineers, suppliers and industry sources.
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Petrolink Engineering is a company that is engaged in commercial and industrial fuel installations on a continual basis - accurately estimating projects. Petrolink is able to supply an agreed design and specification from which an accurate estimate within 10% (allowing for normal variances throughout a project)

As experienced and highly-qualified Dangerous Goods Consultants, Petrolink Engineering can investigate, consult and report on dangerous and hazardous zones, dangerous goods management and storage and site contamination and remediation to comply with Hazardous Area Classification Standard (AS 60079.10.1 & AS 60079.10.2) through the use of our competent and qualified specialists & Engineers.

Time and cost control

Managing the elements of time on a Project can be frustrating when encumbered by outside influences. Petrolink Engineering has found that by offering turnkey design and construct projects the outside influences can be minimised resulting in better time/cost control.

Installation of components on client’s site

Petrolink’s highly skilled technicians install high quality and durable componentry in all projects, sourced from local and international suppliers. Clients are supplied with a Critical Path Analysis that outlines and supplies activities, their timing and accesses required to complete the projects. This scheduled program of works includes all intricacies listed within the scope of works.

Commissioning and handover to client

Upon job completion, Petrolink will conduct an in-depth handover with the client or client representative inclusive of all certification and warranty. The handover ensures that the client is fully aware of the installed system, emergency protocols, operation and handling & maintenance procedures.
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