Consultancy Services

As one of Australia’s leading fuel contractors and engineering firms, Petrolink understands the importance and critical analysis of site requirements. Stringent Australian Standards, organisational guidelines and governmental instrumentalities are in place to ensure total compliance is adhered to with the design, construction and maintenance of fuel facilities.

To ensure accuracy of information and calculations, Petrolink’s qualified and experienced teams of engineers and technicians are available to conduct detailed site investigations producing detailed reports with direct reference to specialised industry standards such as; AS 1940-2017, AS 4897-2008, AS 4037-1999. ​

Fuel System Installation

Petrolink can advise on highly efficient methodologies, practices and quality assurances, to ensure that all fuel systems and componentry installed are fully compliant to set and specified industry standards. Testing can also analyse if systems are operating to maximum efficiency , resulting in maximum uptime and longer life-span of installed systems.

Hazardous Area Classification

Hazardous areas in the workplace are strictly governed by mandatory Australian Standards and statutory governmental departments, such as EPA and WorkSafe. Negligence or non-compliance can result in dangers to worker safety and health, or in the worst case, lead to loss of life.

As experienced and highly-qualified Dangerous Goods Consultants, Petrolink Engineering can investigate, consult and report on dangerous and hazardous zones, dangerous goods management and storage and site contamination and remediation to comply with Hazardous Area Classification Standard (AS 60079.10.1 & AS 60079.10.2) through the use of our competent and qualified specialists & Engineers.

Environmental Investigations

Environmental Engineering services begin with an environmentally responsible design, ongoing site monitoring and strict adherence right through to decommissioning, remediation where applicable and Final Validation.

Businesses and individuals are held accountable for polluting the environment and significant penalties can be incurred due to non-compliance. Petrolink’s qualified Environmental Engineer and consultants can ensure your petrochemical site will adhere to the following requirements:

  • Legislation
  • Regulation
  • Codes of Practice
  • Australian Standards
  • Industry Best Practice
  • Local Council SREPs

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Development Applications and Construction Certificates.

Petrolink Engineering is well versed in the preparation of Development Applications for Sensitive Sites. Never the less, Local Councils can take some time dealing with issues not normally within their bounds of experience and conditions may be imposed that are beyond our control and can create delays.
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A typical Development Application comprises of a collection of documents which will include the relevant Council application form, site plans and specific consultant’s reports (depending on the nature of the project) Private Certification & Inspections:
  • Project & Design coordination
  • Private Certification & inspections
  • Building Code Australia reporting - Petrolink can inspect and report on BCA compliance. BCA compliance reports identify any items of non-compliance or significant departure from current regulations. This aspect of our service is of particular importance in due diligence reporting for building matters.
  • Preliminary and pre-design consultation
  • Pre-lodgement design and building code advice
  • Efficient system-based solutions in accordance with the provisions of the Building Code of Australia
In addition, Petrolinks’ team can liaise with on your behalf or can recommend various consultants such as;
  • Fire Engineers. Alternative solutions to satisfy the performance requirements of the Building Code of Australia.
  • Fire & Rescue Service or Bush Fire Consultants.
  • Local Government Authorities /council relaxations, build over sewers/stormwater, plumbing etc.
  • Energy Efficiency Rating Consultants
  • Architects, Structural Engineers, Hydraulic/Mechanical/Electrical Consultants, Landscaping Architects, Acoustic Consultants
Council determination for Development Applications can vary depending on the complexity. All new and renovated fuel installations must be signed off by an Accredited Dangerous Goods Designer (Petrolink meets this criteria) however some councils may not be experienced in this regard. Our Engineering Department will provide all the necessary Drawings with Structural Certifications where necessary to make the process as smooth as possible.

Design & Engineering

Petrolink Engineering’s reputation for quality design and engineering is a cornerstone of the organisation’s operation.

Services include (but are not limited to):

  • Complete Fuel System Design
  • Chemical Dosing System Design
  • Structural Engineering Design
  • Mechatronics
  • Site Evaluations
  • References to Standards & Regulation
  • Preparation of Engineering Drawings in
  • industry accepted formats
  • Light fabrication

Engineering Excellence and Innovation

The company’s highly qualified engineers ensure a high level of knowledge, experience and technical competency in the petrochemical industry: design, planning, in-house fabrication, project management, on-site installation and commissioning. Petrolink’s engineering staff are supported with the latest software and hardware technologies.

Petrolink maintains strong working relationships with clients, stakeholders and far reaching networks. We understand the risks and restrictions your project may encounter, but most importantly, Petrolink maintains an unblemished record of quality projects delivered on-time and on-budget.

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