Robson Civil

Robson Civil commissioned Petrolink Engineering to install a new fuel facility of which to also utilise and incorporate existing fuel assets onsite.

Project Spotlight

  • Client
Robson Civil
  • Project Name
Fuel Facility Installation
  • Project Location
Muswellbrook, NSW
  • Contracts Value
  • Project Timeframe
2 Weeks

This installation included new components and the modification to an existing onsite Diesel storage tank. The project included construction of a new refuelling forecourt, suitable to service large trucks and light vehicles alike. Installation was to occur in conjunction with continued site refuelling operations.

The forecourt area was to consist of a refuelling plinth complete with dispensers and metering for Ultra High flow, High flow and low flow Diesel. Additionally, a delivery system for Ad-Blue, wash basins, a fuel management system and an upload pump unit for the Diesel delivery into storage tank. Petrolink’s team of qualified technicians implemented a scheduled installation process to coincide with the daily onsite refuelling operations.


The project was delivered on time and to budget.

Project and construction included:

  • Set-out for canopy and the weather structure footings, then the onsite coordination with the electrical team to install electrical and data conduits. Provision of set-out points for water and air services crew.
  • Installation of all underground fuel pipework, completed in Double wall, High Density Polyethylene piping and the inclusion of under dispenser sumps, ensuring the whole installation was double contained whilst the above ground interconnecting and transition pipework was completed in s/s Tubepress tube piping.
  • Installation of a new multistage high flow submersible turbine pump, able to provide the fuel flow requirements to upload a service truck, and additionally provide fuel to a new High/ Low flow dispencer integrating with the Data-Fuel Fuel Management System.
  • Full service and rebuild of an existing Ebs-ray supply pump, now used for the tanker upload pump.


  • During the installation phase the client required that refuelling operations were operational around the clock during works.
  • Petrolink developed a timetable of works to ensure no disruption occurred during the operation.

Kokomo Resort

Petrolink Engineering was awarded the Contract to Design, Engineer, Supply and Install a new State of the Art system to provide fuel for the Six Star Kokomo Island Resort electricity generators as well as refuelling facilities. Petrolink supplied and installed both above and below ground environmentaly friendly fuel storage tanks and management system.

Macarthur Mazda

Macarthur Mazda, called on the experience and expertise of Petrolink Engineering to install a tank and fuel delivery facility at its brand-new state-of-the-art showroom and service centre in Campbelltown, on Sydney’s south western outskirts in 2017.

Pacific National

Petrolink Engineering was initially invited to be involved in a feasibility study and evaluation for the development of an on-site train refuelling facility for Pacific National at a coal collection point in the Hunter Valley coal fields region. Following this initial phase, the client was impressed with Petrolink’s professional approach and requested another three sites undergo feasibility studies.

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