Kokomo Resort

In 2016 Petrolink Engineering was awarded the contract to design, engineer and install a new state-of-the-art refuelling facility for the Six Star Kokomo Resort, Fiji.

Project Spotlight

  • Client
Walker Corporation
  • Project Name
Kokomo Resort Fuel Facility
  • Project Location
Fiji – South Pacific
  • Contracts Value
  • Project Timeframe
3M Project, 5 Weeks on site

Designed, engineered, and installed by leading fuel solutions company, Petrolink Engineering, the 6 star resort represented absolute quality and 100% environmental commitment.

The project presented several challenging issues for the design team, including potential for extreme wet weather, a harsh saltwater environment and basic geographic remoteness. These challenges required failsafe solutions.

Meticulous programming and scheduling enabled project phases to be consecutively rolled out and whilst the early Petrolink ground crew prepared and constructed the Deep-Water facility’s hardstand area for underground tanks and pipework, the fabrication and assembly phases were able to be commenced in Petrolink’s Penrith based workshop.

Petrolink’s Project Management team, flown from Australia, co-ordinated locally sourced work crews and the construction of a concrete batching plant.

All aspects of the project were completed to relevant Australian Standards and compliant to all Fijian legal requirements.

Petrolink provided value-added training to all local staff in the areas of operation, safety and emergency procedures.



The Kokomo Resort Refuelling Project was highlighted and noted at the prestigious industry Marine17 Conference in Darling Harbour. This showcase project garnered interest from marinas in Australia, South Pacific and Asian regions. Petrolink Engineering is recognised as one of the leading consultants, engineers and fuel facility installation companies in the commercial marina and ports industry – This commitment and vision towards maintaining and protecting fragile marine environments, such as Kokomo Island Resort, Fiji, has seen Petrolink Engineering appointed as the official partner in the Marina Industry Association’s International Clean Marina Programme in 2018.

Project and construction included:

  • Underground fuel storage tank
  • Fuel dispensers in an all-weather building
  • Hoses
  • Stainless reels
  • Bunding
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Emergency spill protection


  • An initial challenge saw Petrolink’s direct involvement with the significant modifications and upgrades to the power generators fuel supply system. The pre-existing generator system was plagued with mechanical and safety concerns. Petrolink’s onsite team were able to review and provide a cost effective and achievable solution to allow for an easier maintained and safer piece of plant and equipment. 

Macarthur Mazda

Macarthur Mazda, called on the experience and expertise of Petrolink Engineering to install a tank and fuel delivery facility at its brand-new state-of-the-art showroom and service centre in Campbelltown, on Sydney’s south western outskirts in 2017.

Robson Civil

Robson Civil commissioned Petrolink Engineering to install a new fuel facility of which to also utilise and incorporate existing fuel assets onsite. This installation included new components and the modification to an existing onsite Diesel storage tank. The project included construction of a new refuelling forecourt, suitable to service large trucks and light vehicles alike.

Pacific National

Petrolink Engineering was initially invited to be involved in a feasibility study and evaluation for the development of an on-site train refuelling facility for Pacific National at a coal collection point in the Hunter Valley coal fields region. Following this initial phase, the client was impressed with Petrolink’s professional approach and requested another three sites undergo feasibility studies.

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