Services to the Australian Mining Industry

Petrolink Engineering undertakes design, construct, service and maintenance projects for fuel, lubrication and workshop facilities for leading Australian mining companies and major contractors.

The mining industry offers a range of challenges – climate, environment, accessibility and programing.Petrolink has worked successfully with mining companies and their contractors in alpine, coastal and outback conditions on a range of sometimes challenging projects. 

With Petrolink Engineering you will have an experienced, highly qualified and professional partner in fuel delivery, workshop and maintenance amenities. Large and small mining operations, underground or open-cut, have distinct and exacting requirements to ensure constant and seamless around-the-clock operation. Should a constant and dependable supply of fuels and lubricants fail in the field, a mining operation could come to a stand-still. 

Services include:

– Fuel system design and installation
– One off or programmed maintenance services
– Workshop maintenance
– Light metal fabrication
– Commissioning and decommissioning services
– Lubrication services
– Dangerous Goods Consulting
– Operational and compliance documentation and certification.

Since the early 1990s Petrolink has successfully completed projects for leading miners and contractors in the coal, oil, hard rock, sand quarries and gas industries including:

– BHP Billiton
– Boral
– Austral Bricks
– White Haven Coal
– Xtrata