The design and installation of fuel facilities for Marina's are overseen by Environmental Agencies as well as SafeWork, WorkCover, Fire Commissioners and Local Regulatory Authorities (Councils).

Marina Services:

Petrolink’s Turnkey Marina Project Management service assists owners and developers in navigating the legal requirements which include:
  • Risk Assessment and cost-benefit analysis,site Evaluation and Hydrology Surveys to determine correct Site Classification and appropriate Equipment Levels, in compliance with the Protection of the Environment Act, the Petroleum Storage Systems Regulations, Australian Standards AS1940 and AS 4897 and industry Codes of Practice.
  • Systems are designed and equipment selected by duly qualified, experienced, fuel system engineers.
  • Planning, Site Layouts and CAD Drawings are provided "in-house."
  • Specialist assistance with Development Approvals such as Hazard Analysis and SEPP 33 documentation.

Equipment supply:

Double-walled tanks, overfill protection, Spill-Safe Fill points, pumps, pipes and valves, tidal compensators and Groundwater Monitor Wells, where needed.

System Installation is carried out by our team of qualified and experienced team fitters.

Commissioning, NMI Calibration of dispensers and supply of POS equipment, if required

On completion, Petrolink’s Engineers provide Full Documentation relating to the installation which includes reference to all applicable Regulations and Australian Standards, a complete set of As-laid Plans and a Hazardous Areas Electrical Dossier supplied by our specialist Hazardous Areas Qualified Electrician.

In addition, Petrolink’s Environmental Engineer will provide assistance with the preparation of the site-specific Environmental Management Plan, (EMP) and our Maintenance Supervisor will issue the site Fuel Facility Maintenance Plan.

Petrolink Engineering’s long experience with Marina fuel facilities has enabled us to offer
advice and assistance with the development of Emergency and Evacuation Plans.

Marinas have an obligation to implement a regular Maintenance Plan within their Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

With Petrolink as your maintenance partner you can rest assured that your fuel and pontoon facilities are properly maintained, industry compliant and our fragile marine environmentally safe.

Industry Commitment

Petrolink Engineering is a proud member of the Marina Industries Association.

The company is involved in a range of activities including Study Tours, Trade Exhibitions and Conferences (Marine 13, 15 and 17 and working on 19) as well as providing advice to MIA
Management about fuel storage and handling issues.

Petrolink Engineering is a current sponsor of the prestigious Clean Marina Programme, an important investment in our role of promoting responsible and safe environmental practices within the marina Industry.

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