Planned Maintenance is not a cost. It is an investment in the mechanical well being of expensive equipment, creating longer lifecycles, more availability and resulting in less downtime.

Planned Maintenance, quite simply, adds up to an enhanced Return On Investment.

The Planned Maintenance division of the Petrolink Group carries out a range of contracted services to clients with dedicated fuel facilities.

Fuel Systems maintenance.

All underground petroleum storage systems must have a Maintenance Schedule as part of the site Environment Protection Plan. Petrolink’s fully qualified technicians have the ability and expertise to maintain complete fuel systems. One of our core skills is providing programmed maintenance schedules for customers over a diverse range of applications including fuel systems for the Department of Defence, Public Transport, Commercial Transport, Maritime, Mining and Manufacturing.

A range of spare parts and equipment for the fuel industry and Petrolink’s Planned Maintenance Programs are warehoused locally to ensure that all client’s needs can be satisfied quickly. Petrolink has a fleet of fully equipped vehicles available 18 hours a day, 6 days a week to ensure rapid response should any unforeseen situation arise.

Planned Maintenance Programs are monitored on a daily basis, assuring clients a high level of assistance.

All of our technicians are fully trained and available to provide quality service in the safest way possible.