Services to Australian Defence

For over twenty years Petrolink Engineering’s has provided the Australian Defence with a range of Fuel and Dangerous Goods Storage and Handling services on both a contractor and sub-contractor basis and is recognised as a leader in this highly specialised field.

Petrolink has provided design, construct and maintenance services for air force, navy and army fuel facilities – on base and in remote areas.

In fact, Petrolink Engineering has been recognised as one of Australian Defence’s Top 20 SMEs in the annual ADM industry review for 2015/16.

Petrolink Engineering understand that value for the tax payer dollar is a focal point on all projects, and none more-so than Defence. This is clearly shown in the comprehensive equipment maintenance programmes designed by Petrolink Engineering to give through life support to critical bulk fuel storage, handling and transfer equipment.

Competencies include:

↦ Programmed maintenance
↦ Design, construct and retrofit
↦ Engineering
↦ Dangerous Goods audits
↦ All working in dangerous zone certification
↦ Security clearance
↦ Certification, commissioning and decommissioning

Being at the forefront of the industry, Petrolink Engineering brings the latest international technologies as well as home grown innovation, expertise and safety regimes into the dangerous but critical area of `on-demand’ fuel supply.

As a progressive SME, Petrolink Engineering understands the need to be flexible and responsive to Defence needs. The company works seamlessly within Defence operational requirements to ensure fuel-on-demand status. 

Due to its Defence-related contracts, Petrolink Engineering established offices and facilities in NSW, Queensland and Northern Territory to specifically service the increasing demand for reliable fuel equipment for Defence bases and facilities. 

Australian Defence is a core business focus for Petrolink Engineering, employing full time a qualified work force of 38. In addition, Petrolink Engineering is a long-time member of the Australian Industry Defence Newtork, holds LoRS recognition and its staff have been finalists and runner-up in the AIDN Young Achiever Awards in 2014 and 2015.