Decommissioning & Demolition

Decommission of old and unused underground and aboveground tanks

The importance of compliant decommissioning is critical to not only prevent environmental contamination but also to avoid loss of life and any long-term health deterioration. Petrolink Engineering ensures every decommission is fully compliant in accordance to AS 4976-2008, AS 1940-2017 & UPSS regulations. Whether you have a tank which you need gone or properly decommissioned in situ get in touch with Petrolink now for a hassle-free quote.

Environmental site investigations (soil sampling and analysist & consultancy Environmental work)

As required by AS 4976-2008 soil sampling and testing for all underground tanks is compulsory in order to identify any contamination that could have been emitted from faulty or leaking systems. Petrolink conducts thorough environmental site investigations and reporting of any contamination if present above and beyond requirements of AS 4976-2008 and UPSS Regulations. Do not risk the chance to miss onsite contamination, always consult an expert to ensure your site is fully compliant!

Soil Remediation

Contamination of soil following a leak or as a result of non-compliant underground storage facilities must be investigated and potentially removed as hazardous waste. Through various remediation procedures dependant on the level and depth of contamination, Petrolink offers stringent services to ensure your site remains under regulatory thresholds. For further information please review EPA guidelines at: