Consultancy Work

Site Investigations & Reports of Compliancy

At Petrolink we know and understands the level of importance and critical analysis each site requires in order to remain fully compliant to stringent Australian Standards. To ensure absolute accuracy of information and calculations, our experienced team and conduct a site investigation and produce detailed reports with direct reference to standards such as; AS 1940-2012, AS 4897-2008, AS 4037-1999 and much more!

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Fuel System Installation

Petrolink have been specialists in the industry for over 25 years, and we are happy to share our in depth understanding of fuel system installations acquired over such a long successful life-span with you, our client.

Petrolink can advise and execute if necessary on highly efficient methodologies, practices and quality assurances, to ensure that all systems and componentry installed are not only in full compliance to standards but also run at only the utmost efficiency resulting in maximum uptime and longer life-span of installed systems.


Hazardous Area Classification

Hazardous areas are not only a breach of mandatory Australian Standards but are a life risk which no person should be subject to. Negligence could result in rapid or long-term health deterioration or in worst case can lead to loss of life.

On all our projects no matter big or small Petrolink goes above and beyond to ensure the client is fully aware of any contamination on-site and recommend means of remediation to comply with Hazardous Area Classification Standard (AS 60079.10.1 & AS 60079.10.2) through the use of our competent and qualified specialists & Engineers.


Environmental Investigations

Environmental Engineering services begin with an environmentally responsible design, ongoing site monitoring and strict adherence right through to decommissioning, remediation where applicable and Final Validation.

Businesses and individuals are held accountable for polluting the environment and significant penalties can be incurred due to non-compliance.

Petrolink can ensure your petrochemical site will adhere to the following requirements if engaged at the early stages of design or even can assist in recommending solutions to meet:

·         Legislation

·         Regulation

·         Codes of Practice

·         Australian Standards

·         Industry Best Practices

·         Local Council SREPs


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