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System Consultation

Our knowledge is your knowledge and with the help of our engineers and industry specialists your project becomes our priority. Seek our professional consultancy service now!

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Design & Engineering

Our Design & Engineering department provide comprehensive services including; Design & Drafting, System Research & Development, Fabrication and much more!

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System Installation

Petrolink’s expert crew of technicians ensure fully compliant and quality installations on budget and on time. Backed by our stringent project management procedures there is no problem we cant solve.

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Service & Maintenance

At Petrolink we believe Service & Maintenance is not a cost but an invesment. An invesment to ensure you get the most out of your system through complete efficiency, increased system life-span and minimum downtime.

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   25 years of industry experience forging a reputation as the industry leaders.

We’re growing – because you’re growing.

About Us

Major Projects?

Petrolink Engineering continues to gain a reputation as a leading provider of efficient and cost effective fuel solutions and maintenance for the commercial marina and port facilities. Over 25 years experience in providing quality installations, advice and service enables Petrolink Engineering to offer a full spectrum of services.

Ensuring a consistently high level of knowledge, experience and technical competency in the petrochemical industry, we can transform your project from ‘concept to reality’.

Our portfolio

With Petrolink’s wealth of experience we have refined methods used for storage and dispencing hazardous fluids. We have a duty of care which extends to the customer to ensure their facility provides maximum life span and minimal potential for failure.

Upgraded Fuel Facilities at Raby Bay

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Refuelling facility at Kokomo Island Resort up and running


Decommissioning UPSS at Westmead Hospital


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Our Expert Team

Petrolink’s staff are valued for their expertise gained over many years and for outstanding level of professionalism.

Barry Boné

Managing Director

Barry holds formal qualifications in business management and has over 25 years experience in the petro-chemical industry.

Craig Boné

State Manager NSW

Craig has over 25 years of hands on industry experience. Well prepared provide project efficient solutions

Shelley Appelgren

Business Manager

Shelley has played an integral role in solidifying Petrolink’s longevity for previous years and many to come. Shelley is well equipped with an arsenal of business qualifications and years of management experience.

Carsten Henriksen

Engineering Manager

Carsten is a qualified Engineer (B Eng, Hons, Mechatronics). He holds formal business qualifications and has worked in the industry for over 20 years.







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